On December 1, 2013, a project Centers of Excellence for young RESearchers (CERES) was started to establish centers MCNet to support research of young scientists and students; development of partnerships with enterprises; knowledge triangle; education — innovation — research.

Project duration:  01 December 2013 – 30 November 2016

Target group:students, graduates, university lecturers and administration, heads of higher education institutions.

Project goals and objectives:

  • To align higher education with the needs of modern enterprises;
  • To improve research conditions of young scientists in EU, Belarus and Ukraine
  • To establish new and extend existing partnership between enterprises and universities
  • To create centres in Belarus and Ukraine


  • Technical implementation of the project
  • Training of target groups
  • The distribution of knowledge from Centers of Excellence for young RESearchersto universities

Expected results:

  • The development of centres to support scientific work of young scientists and students 
  • The development of virtual online portal
  • Conducting conferences, meetings, debates to share the scientific experience of young scientists
  • Dissemination of project results
  • Ensuring a long-term use of project results
  • Monitoring of project implementation quality
  • Project management